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Nov 22, 2010

[Creepy Site] The House

You can check out the original thread here.

"This is a scary movie, make sure you're brave enough :P Be sure that you turn on the volume, and there is no one by your side."

The House is a classic, I can't remember when I first encountered it. It's very similar to 99 Rooms in that it utilizes interactive media and has you interact with objects by clicking on them, which can.. er.. cause some paranormal activity to occur. It has linear progression: you proceed to the next room after you successfully complete the one you're in. I don't recommend playing this at night unless you're exceptionally brave.

You can explore it here: The House.

Nov 20, 2010

[Creepy Video] The French Doors

Part I:

Part II:

You can check out the original thread here.

Short film. "While renovating his home, a man installs a set of french doors to let more light in. Unfortunately these French doors hold a very dark secret." Presented originally through Atom Films.

Nov 19, 2010

More Updates Soon

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been working on my coursework so that I can enjoy next week and Thanksgiving weekend free of deadlines.

Have a great Thanksgiving and try not to trample anyone on Black Friday (aka zombie preparedness day).

Nov 16, 2010

[Creepy Video] The Mysterious Stranger

You can check out the original thread here.

A stop motion clay animation of Mark Twain's final novel, The Mysterious Stranger. Done by Will Vinton. Censored from some television stations.

Nov 15, 2010

[Creepy Game] After Years in Dark Tunnels

You can check out the original thread here.

"Your spaceship has crash-landed on an alien world, and your crew is missing. Can you find your crew and escape? Will you?"

After Years in Dark Tunnels doesn't have any scary elements, but it's a lonely and somewhat unsettling exploration game with multiple endings to discover.

Play the game here: After Years in Dark Tunnels

Nov 14, 2010

[Creepy Site] 99 Rooms

You can check out the original thread here.

"99 Rooms is an unique internet art project that interweaves wall painting, photography, animation and sound in a manner entirely unknown until now. Photos of these paintings were initially produced in digital form and then animated through a cooperative effort between Richard Schumann & Stephan Schulz and then subsequently complemented through a personal sound design from Johannes Buenemann. The final product of this year long effort is a scintillating intermediary world which invites the observer into an journey through its morbidly-beautiful rooms."

While not as unsettling as many point and click explorations, 99 Rooms walks a fine line between beautiful and disturbing. The artwork presented here is worth checking out.

Explore the site here: 99 Rooms

Nov 13, 2010

[Creepy Video] Harvey

You can check out the original thread here.

Short film directed by Peter McDonald.

"Harvey is an ambitious project, combining cutting edge digital composition / animation techniques with a poetic metaphorical tale about loneliness and incompleteness. The main character, Harvey, has been cut brutally in half from head to groin, down the center of his body, yet he remains very much alive. The film follows the macabre results of his obsessive relationship with his mysterious neighbor. Combinations of actors shot with blue chroma make-up, heavy inferno mat work and the insertion of 3D geometry using softimage were all used to create the fantastically surreal and macabre horrifying images in this film."

Nov 12, 2010

[Creepy Video] No Through Road

You can check out the original thread here.

Short film.

"On December 17th 2008 four 17 year old boys were found dead in their car at an abandoned farm, 10 miles from their hometown. This video contains the unedited footage from the camera belonging to one of the boys, also found in the car."

Nov 11, 2010

[Creepy Video] Pencil Face

You can check out the original thread here.

Short film from SCADshorts.

He'll help you draw, he'll help you erase. Waste not, want not.. he's Pencil Face.

Nov 10, 2010

[Creepy Video] The Ten Steps

You can check out the original thread here.

Short film by Brendan Muldowney.

A babysitter who should know better than to go into the cellar during a blackout.

Nov 9, 2010

[Creepy Video] Bedfellows

You can check out the original thread here.

Short film directed by Drew Daywalt.
"Horror always follows the phone that rings in the middle of the night..."

Nov 8, 2010

[Creepy Game] Road of the Dead

You can check out the original thread here.

"Escape the quarantined city by driving through a highway filled with ravenous undead, carnage and chaos while the military tries to stop you! With 4 game modes, 24 medals and up to 1000 newgrounds point (OMFG!!!), we hope you greatly enjoy Road of the Dead!"

Very cool game, when you die you can restart at the last checkpoint and purchase upgrades, like more bullets, a stronger windshield, et cetera.

Play the game here: Road of the Dead

Nov 7, 2010

[Creepy Video] Smile

You can check out the original thread here.

"SMILE is an impressive 2005 student film by Yuval Markovich and Noam Abta produced at Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in Jerusalem. Horror films are all too rare in animation, and this short does a solid job of building the tension and creating a mood of paranoia and uncertainty. Technically, it looks like the film was shot in live-action, with over sized CG heads placed on the live bodies. It's a surprisingly effective technique that adds to the film's uneasy mood."

Nov 6, 2010

Nov 5, 2010

[Creepy Video] The Cat With Hands

You can check out the original thread here.

An unsettling short film from by Robert Morgan.
More info on his films can be found here:

Nov 3, 2010

[Creepy Game] Where We Remain

You can check out the original thread here.

"A procedurally-generated deserted island adventure."

Your goal is simple, find the girl. She's hiding in one of the caves on the island. However, why are there malevolent forces patrolling the island? What's going on with these red, ghostly images in the caves? What even brought you to this island? This Zelda-esque game has three endings, depending on the conclusions you arrive on (tip: Two endings can be done on any difficulty, the last can only be done on the hardest difficulty).

Play the game here: Where We Remain.

Nov 2, 2010

[Creepy Game] Organ Trail

You can check out the original thread here.

"Organ Trail was an edutainment game developed in 1971. Schools across America used this game as a teaching tool to prepare children for the impending zombie apocalypse and dysentery. Re-live your childhood with this faithfully emulated version of Organ Trail for the Apple-II."

Protect your group from zombies, scavenge for goods, and trade fuel, rations and bullets with other survivors. Your goal is to try to reach the pacific northwest in one piece, just like the original Oregon Trail.

Play the game here: Organ Trail.